Monday, September 19, 2016

New Releases - September 12-17

Dear Readers, 

I am trying to get back on schedule here.  Not sure how I will do, but at least Monday is off to a good start.  Hopefully that holds for the week also.  

Happy Reading, 

The Book of Mysteries - Jonathan Cahn - The Traveler finds The Teacher.  The Teacher takes him on a travel of 365 different mysteries of the world.  Explaining each and the Traveler writes them down so he can share them with the world. 

The Domino Effect - Davis Bunn - Esther Larson finds a ticking time bomb.  If it goes off it will rock the world economy with a force that will make the recession of '08 look like a small set back.  Will she be able to warn the world?  Or will those who want to take down the world's economy find her and silence her? 

End of the Roadie - Elizabeth Flynn - A Mystery for D. I. Costello - The show of Rock star, Brendan Phelan is laced with guns and whips, but at the end of one show a shot rings out that is not part of the show.  D.I. Costello is sent to investigate and finds a man that is not well liked by any in the show.  She also finds a shadowy figure that seemed to be stalking him.  Who wanted the Roadie dead? 

The Name I call Myself - Beth Moran - Faith just wants to stay ahead of the bills, take care of her brother and maybe live a quiet life.  She seems to have found that balanced and even to have found time to fall in love with Perry.  But all is in an uproar as her mother-in-law to be plans the wedding of Faith's nightmares.

Ben-Hur - Carol Wallace - The great great great granddaughter of Lew Wallace, has re-work the classic.  

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