Monday, September 12, 2016

New Releases - Sept 5 - 10

Dear Readers.

Sorry I missed last week.  I am really not sure what happened, I must have thought I was on a different week.  :-)  But here is the list from last week and I will try to catch up and try to get this week's list out also.

Happy Reading,

The Occupied - Craig Parshall - #1 A Trevor Black Novel - Trevor had it all, trophy wife, perfect 6 figure job and a winning record as a lawyer.  But choices he made as a youth are about to come back and haunt him.

A Love Transformed - Tracie Peterson - #3 Sapphire brides - When Clara's husband dies she decides to take her two small children back to the only place she was happy.  Her Aunt and Uncle's ranch in Montana. While there she meets again an old flame.  Will love re-ignite?

This Road we Traveled - Jane Kirkpatrick - When Tabitha decides to follow her son west, she had no idea what it is going to cost her.  As the journey continues, not only is her faith tested, her and her families' lives are all at risk.

Catching Heat - Janice Cantore - #3 Cold Case Justice - Detective Abby Hart is desperate to put the person who killed her parents behind bars.  While on a case for a task force investigating cold cases, she finds herself close to where the fire happened.  Will she be able to finally prove who the murder is?

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