Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Mike Nappa

Dear Readers,

The Raven is Mike Nappa's second book in the Coffey & Hill series.  This one takes a bit of a different direction than Annabel Lee, but I do recommend them in order.  Once again the action adventure of the books have loads of tension in them and you continue to turn pages as fast as you can to find out what happens.
Trudi Coffey and Samuel Hill are teamed up again, well sort of, to find out about the rumors on the street about "Nevermore."  No one really seems to know what it is, but it is reported to be big, world changing.  The only solid thing they have is a street magician named The Raven who got mixed up in it all by taking the wrong wallet from the wrong man and now owes a debt that he can repay.

I have been looking for authors in the Christian market that write good mysteries.  So when I find one like Mike, I like to recommend them to as many people as possible.  Mike writes with a very interesting style.  Each of his books had a very unique voice and yet you could tell it was Mike's writing.  His mysteries are strong and leave you guessing exactly where he is going with them.

I do have to mention that the body count does get pretty high, but it does make sense for the type of books he is writing.  He also does not describe it in every gross details as some authors do.

I am looking forward to the 3rd book in the series and hopefully not the last fiction Mike is going to write.

Happy Reading,

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