Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Beth Moore

Dear Readers,
Our reading world is turning upside down, well a little bit anyways.  Beloved author Francine Rivers is releasing her first nonfiction title, Earth Psalms.  Set to release October 31st.  If that isn't enough, women's Bible study leader Beth Moore has just released her first fiction book.  The Undoing of Saint Salivanus is an enjoyable read that takes you to the heart of New Orleans in more ways than one. 
Jillian Slater doesn't remember much about her father and his family.  She only knows for sure what her mother has told her. She was told that her father never loved her and her grandmother is a grumpy, judgmental matriarch who was never pleased with Jillian or her mother.  So Jillian is surprised when she gets a phone call telling her that her father is dead and if she would like to come to the funeral, her expenses will be paid.   
What Jillian finds in New Orleans is not quite what she expected.  Her grandmother did not invite her, her assistant did.  Her grandmother doesn't seem to like Jillian, which she did expect, but the household of people living at Saint Silvanus is a quirky, funny little family that doesn't seem to fit together.  
I really would like to go on about the plot line(s), but am afraid I would give away too much.  What you will find between the beautiful covers of this book is a group of characters who are very flawed.  They each have issues that they are dealing with and we have the privilege of walking alongside them as they find their healing.  
There are no really pat answers to the questions that are asked.  It makes for a delightful read as you begin to feel right at home in the neighborhood and maybe even get a little jealous if you don't live in the same sort of place.  
Fans of Beth Moore are going to love this book.  But even if you haven't read any of Beth's non-fiction or done any of her Bible studies, make sure you give her fiction a read and you will see a different side of New Orleans and the folks who live there. 
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