Monday, July 4, 2016

New Releases - June 27 - July 2

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Dear Readers, 

A few titles to enjoy on the holiday.

Happy Reading, 

Mrs. Lee and Mrs. Gray - Dorothy Love - Mary Anna Custis Lee is born in luxury.  Selina Norris Gray is born in slavery.   Two women from very different lives form a friendship through happiness and sorrow. 

In His Place - Harry C. Griffith - In the shadow of Charles Sheldon's WWJD, pastor Steve Long challenges his congregation to truly live out Christ commands us to be.  Facing trial that make it harder and harder for Pastor Steve to continue living the command, he realizes that not everything God calls us to is easy. 

Which Way Home - Linda Byler - Hester' Hunt for Home #2 - Hester's heart is in two places.  Born Native American and raised Amish, she finds herself unsure of where she belongs.  She marries an Amish man, but the marriage struggles.  When an Native American brave offers a way out, Hester needs to decide where she belongs.

Sarah's Surrender - Vickie McDonough - #3 Land Rush Dreams - Sarah is surprised by Luke's proposal.  She has dreams of her own and sees the Oklahoma Land Rush as an answer to that dream.  But can a woman survive on her own?

Eden Hill - Bill Higgs - Nothing has changed in Eden Hill for years.  Virgil likes it that way.  He runs the local gas station.  He knows when lunch and supper are.  He knows that his wife loves him and is sure she knows he loves her.  But now the property across the road from his gas station has a new sign, it is going to be home to a Zipco's full service station.  And his wife is acting strange.  Change is not good... 

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