Monday, July 25, 2016

New Releases - July 18 - 23

Dear Readers,

It is summer time and life is suppose to be easy, right?  Well with all the new titles arriving and soon to arrive, I am not sure that is correct.  I guess I need to take the next month off and just read.

Happy Reading,

Esther - Rebecca Kanner - (backcover) This is a story of finding hidden depths of courage within one's self.  Of risking it all to stand up for what is right.  This is the story of a Queen.

The Second Half - Lauraine Snelling - Mona and Keith Sorenson are looking forward to a quieter slower paced life.  Keith is retiring from his position as Dean of Students, Mona is building a business of her own and they plan on traveling.  One phone call from their son changes it all and they find themselves taking in their two young grandchildren.

Claiming Noah - Amanda Ortlepp - Catriona and James struggle to have a baby, when Catriona finally through in-vitro, carries a baby to term they decide to donate their frozen embryo.  Diana and Liam receive the gift of one of the embryo and also have a son.  But when one of the boys is kidnapped, the two families find themselves tied together in more ways than they ever dreamed of.

Fetching Sweetness - Dana Mentink - What should have been an easy trip retrieving a manuscript turns into a hunt for the reclusive author's dog, Sweetness.  Stephanie just want to get the job done and get promoted, but when Sweetness makes a break for it, Stephanie's dream of being a literary agent disappear along with the dog.  Will she be able to get Sweetness back?

To Follow her Heart - Rebecca Demarino - The Southold Chronicles - #3 - 1664 and Captain Jeremy Horton's shipwrecks on the coast of Barbados.  No survivors.  Patience Terry is devastated as she had hoped that Jeremy would give up the sea for her someday soon.  But Jeremy is unaware of the news of his death and is secretly sailing to New Amsterdam to claim it for Britain.

The Things We Knew - Catherine West - Can the Carlisle family survive the past?  12 years ago after their mother's death all but Lynette left town.  Now with their father's failing health and financial concerns, they are returning.  Secrets are beginning to surface, will they be able to forgive each other?

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