Monday, July 18, 2016

New Releases - July 11-16

Dear Readers,

How are you doing on your summer reading?  Working your way through the pile?  Here are few new titles to add to that list.

You are welcome. :-)

Happy Reading,

A Beauty Refined - Tracie Peterson - Sapphire Brides #2 - Phoebe Von Bergen is a daughter of a German count and looking forward to her first visit to the United States with her father.  Little does she know what her father's true intentions for her are.

Missing - Lisa Harris - Nikki Boyd files #2 - Nikki is not usually called for a murder, but when 2 murders and 2 missing show up, she's ready to help.  What she finds is a twisting maze that leads her to her friends boat and another dead body.  She needs to unravel the clues and stay ahead of the killer who will stop at nothing to keep her quiet.

Forever and Forever - Josi S. Kilpack - A historical proper romance - The Courtship of Henry Longfellow and Fanny Appleton - Fanny Appleton is touring Europe with her family.  She meets Henry Longfellow and he is soon smitten with her.  She on the other hand is unsure because of their age and class differences.

Almost like being in Love - Beth K. Vogt - A Destination Wedding novel #3 - Caron and her boyfriend are not engaged and when she breaks the news that she has won a destination wedding.  When Caron's ex reenters her life, will she be able to focus on her wedding or will she be distracted by "what if?"

No Way Up - Mary Connealy - The Cimarron Legacy #1 - Patriarch Chance Boden is caught in an avalanche.  With his leg and possibly his life at risk he boards a train for treatment.  But he demands that the terms of his will are enforced immediately.  The terms?  His adult children must live on the ranch for 1 year to inherit.  Otherwise a distant relative will inherit.  But is there more going on?  Are more lives at risk?  Who is behind the danger that is lurking.

The Loyal Heart - Shelley Shepard Gray - A Lone Star Hero's Love Story #1 - Robert Truax promised his fellow soldier, Phillip Markham, that he would take care of Phillip's wife if anything happened to him.  When Robert arrives in Galveston, he is taken with Miranda's beauty and grace.  But he knows a secret that could destroy her. 

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