Monday, June 27, 2016

New Releases - June 20-25

Dear Readers,

It is hard to believe that we are in the last week of June already.  We are having a "boss is out of town" week here.  Lots of fun things for us here at the store and sales for the customers.  Relaxing, laughter and fun.  

Happy Reading,

Deep Shadows - Vannette Chapman - The Remnant Series #1 - When a massive solar flare wipes out modern technology, Max Berkman is thrust into a leadership role.  He also sees it as a chance to prove his love once again to Shelby Sparks.  He steps into the leadership role well, but his first priority is to help Shelby and her diabetic son.

They Danced On - Carre Armstrong Gardner - # 3 A Darling Family Novel - Jane Darling is ready to relax and enjoy the fruits of an empty nest.  But now her husband has a serious illness and she will have to take on a new role, one that is more difficult than any other she has ever had to do.

The Promise of Jessie Woods - Chris Fabry - Matthew Plumley finds out the girl he loved when he was just a boy is getting married.  He returns home to Dogwood West Virginia to face his past and to find out the truth behind the only promise Jessi Woods ever broke.

The Saddle Maker's Son - Kelly Irvin - #3 The Amish of Bee County - Rebekah just wants to have the chance to marry and have children.  Like the other girls her age in the community.  Tobias wants to put the memories of a woman he should not have fallen for behind them.  Together they will discover the key to forgetting the past and finding a future.

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