Monday, June 20, 2016

New Releases - June 13 - 18

Dear Readers,

The books for summer reading are rolling in now.  More and more titles are hitting the shelves.  I am so glad to be able to share them with you.

Happy Reading,

The Ringmaster's Wife - Mable Burton leaves her family farm behind to see the world.  A chance meeting introduces her to the world of Ringling Bros. world.   25 years later Lady Rosamund Easling follows her beloved horse to America and becomes a star of the circus.

Kill Devil - Mike Dellosso -#2 A Jed Patrick novel -  Jed Patrick is sure his family is finally safe.  Then their home is invaded by trained men.  Jed now knows his family won't be safe until he dismantles the Centralia Project

The Alliance - Jolina Petersheim - A power surge kills all the electricity in the area.  The quiet little community of Old Order Mennonite are the only ones in the area that have a self-sustaining food source.  They are forced to make an alliance with the group of Englischers that have crash landed in their fields.  But they soon face a threat much bigger than any of them have expected.

Lead Me Home - Amy Sorrells -Noble Burden is trying to get out of town.  James Horton is a pastor who is questioning his own calling.  As James faces the closing of the little community church a severe storm rolls through town, threatening not only their community, but also their lively hoods.

Murder Handcrafted - Isabella Alan - Angie is looking forward to Spring in Holmes County.  A thriving business and great friends, what more could she ask for?  Her mother has other plans and a home-renovation project starts and moves along well.  Until the morning the electrician is found dead and the sheriff expects foul play.

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