Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Kristy Cambron

Dear Readers, 

Who among us, when we were kids, did not dream of running away with the Circus?  The animals, the travel, the excitement of the crowds. All of it was a lure that sang to most children sometime in that brief period of our lives where innocence made us believe it would be the perfect life. 

The Ringmaster's Wife by Kristy Cambron allows us for a brief time to join the circus and find out what it all about.  It is not just glamour and thrills, it is traveling to a different city every night.  It is jealousy because a new headliner is taking your job and glory.  It is a family but in the size of a small city.  A family that is very normal, with love and laughter and squabbles.  

Mabel Burton leaves her family farm to follow the city lights and find her dreams.  A chance encounter with a tall handsome man changes everything for her.  That man is John Ringling and Mabel finds  herself in the center of the circus world.  The world she keeps telling her husband she will not meddle in.  Well, not everyday, just sometimes.  

25 years later, Lady Rosamund Easling does run away from home to join the circus.  She follows her beloved horse to America to help train lngenue for the circus.  Rose agrees to stay a few months to make sure everything is going smoothly and then will head back to England to marry the man her parents have picked out for her.  

I will be honest, I wasn't sure I was going to like the book as much as I did.  I didn't dream long about running away to a circus.  I have only seen a few in my life and though they are fun to go to, they are just not my thing.  But I found myself completely drawn in by the storyline.  

Kristy has a wonderful way of writing that makes you want to become part of the story.  You can hear the Calliope playing, you can almost smell the animals and you definitely can see the crowds.  Everything becomes real and now that I am done reading I feel like I have experienced the circus and have checked that wish off my list of things I needed to do.  

I recommended Kristy's books in the past because of the tough subject matter that she writes about, this one I recommend because it speaks to the heart of the child that still lives in all of us.  

I can't wait for Kristy's next book.  She is an author who has made the must read list as she hasn't just written about one topic, but about people that you really want to met.  

Happy Reading, 

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