Thursday, April 30, 2015

Tracy Groot

Dear Readers,

Maggie Bright by Tracy Groot is the story of a little boat that was a place where Murray Vance has fond memories with his father.  Memories that are ruined when his father runs off and leaves him and his mother to struggle along.

As we move forward into WWII, Maggie Bright has already been used to rescue a few souls from being crushed by the Nazi war machine and yet she is ready to give even more.  Maggie now guards a secret, one that the Nazis are desperate to get back as if the word gets out, America maybe forced to join the war.

As Maggie guards her secret, the British Army is in full retreat on the continent and it looks like certain disaster is about to happen.  That is until a very strange flotilla comes to the rescue.  One that included any and every boat available in England with civilians from every walk of life manning the helms and Maggie answers the call.

So you have two very different thread winding their way throughout this book, but two that are connected.  Each one reminds you that war is a messy dangerous place.  Tracy does a great job of reminding us, while showing us not only the worse side of human nature, but also the best.

The story of the Dunkirk rescue of the British Army by the British people, while America sat on its hands across 'the pond' is a reminder that when a few join together, great things can happen.  So this book is not only a good read for history fans, it is just simply a wonderful read for all of us.  One that will instill a bit of awe that those who answered the call were so willing to give their lives just to make sure their army made it home.

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