Monday, April 20, 2015

New Releases - April 13 - 18

Dear Readers,

The lists don't seem to get any shorter this time of year.  Fun books arriving all the time.

Happy Reading,

Better All the Time - Carre Armstrong Gardner - A Darling Family Novel #2 - Sephy Darling has always been content to be in the background taking care of everyone else.  But everyone knows who to put in charge of the new community arts program.

Double Cross - Diann Mills - An FBI Houston novel #2 - FBI agent Laurel is investigating a scam targeting the elderly and her best lead is a man she put in prison.  Police Officer Daniel will do just about anything to keep his family safe and when it looks like his grandparents are next on the scammers list, he is willing to call in the FBI to help.

On Shifting Sand - Allison Pittman - Nola feels like the Dust Bowl long before it was named.  Slowly drying up inside she longs for someone to love her.  Neither her father, who has withheld his love since her mother's passing nor her husband Russ offer the affection she needs.  The a friend from Russ' past arrives and he starts paying attention which can only lead to no good.

Chance of Loving You  - Terri Blackstock/Candace Calvert/Susan May Warren - 3 beloved authors bring us each a story about the risks we take for love.

The Inn at Ocean's Edge - Colleen Coble - A Sunset Cove novel - On her 4th birthday, Claire disappears.  Mysteriously she reappears a year later with no explanation as to where she was or who had her.  Luke's mother disappeared about the same time and it seems the two mysteries are linked.

Until the Harvest - Sarah Loudin Thomas - Henry's plans for his future are derailed by the death of him father.  He no longer can afford college and his mother needs help around the house.  The only things keeping his spirits up are his fiddle and his friendship with Mayfair Hoffma.  Mayfair's older sister on the other hand is more of annoying...

When Grace Sings - Kim Vogel Sawyer - The Zimmerman Restoration #2 - Alexa Zimmerman hopes the Old Order Mennonite community will except her.  She hopes her cooking skills and hospitality will win them over.  But will her past stay buried where she wants it?

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