Friday, April 3, 2015

Endings - good or bad

Dear Readers,

I am not sure if any part of a book gets discuss as much as the ending.  We debate, argue and disagree about them all the time.  Authors have been known to change endings (even after books are out, horrors!).  And heaven forbid if there is a movie made of a favorite book and the ending is different, then the whole movie is terrible.

Personally I love books that don't have endings that are neat little packages.  Not every story has to have everything finished and wrapped with a bow.  I love an ending that don't have those little "everyone is happy" endings.  Life is still going on and things are not always perfect.

A few years ago I read a book that the author added a postlude to his book and actually "brought" people back from the dead.  He had murdered them in the storyline and it was what made the whole entire investigation. It was what the book was about, those murders.  Then at the very end it turned out that it was all a set up.  Those that were "murdered" knew that their lives were in danger and so staged their deaths and now were living a new life on an island in the Caribbean.

That ending left such a bitter taste in my mouth about the book I have yet to read another one of the author's books.

Endings more than any other part of a book can make us love or hate the book.  I find it amusing that I have worked my way through more than one book where I wasn't really all that excited about the book in general, but it had such a fantastic ending I ended up liking the book. 

I remember a book that I read quite a few years ago, it was a good enough book but I wasn't finding it all that interesting.  But the ending made the book, it had such a wonderful twist that changed my whole perspective on the book.  It was an ending I never saw coming.  That to me is the perfect ending. 

What is your favorite ending?  A happily-ever-after ending or do you enjoy a few threads left over? 

Happy Reading,


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