Friday, December 18, 2009

favorite book 2009

Dear Readers,

I have put this off long enough. I try to pick my favorite book for the year long before Christmas approaches, but this year because of all the good books that have come out in the last year it has been a hard choice. I kept changing my mind, but yet kept coming back to this one.

I picked Haunt of Jackels by Eric Wilson. It is the second book of the series. It is a vampire series but so much more. The idea behind the books is that vampires are not friendly beings, but an evil spiritual being that is out to destroy humankind. Sound like anyone else you know?

I was quickly caught up in the storyline and can hardly wait for Valley of Bones, book #3 to releases in April. I have a teenager at my home that ask me a couple times a month if I have heard anything or gotten my copy yet. She liked them much better than the Twilight series. These are her words not mine, " Much better written and a "real" book, not just a sappy love story."

Happy Reading

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Mike said...

Yes, Eric Wilson's imagery is amazing. He paints such graphic word pictures. And his character development completely draws the reader in. He is an amazing writer!