Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Angela Hunt

Dear Readers,

I first must mentioned, for my church librarians, that this book is not advertised as a Christian book, but it is very clean. In fact one of the main characters, Kate, wrestles with her faith and things that happened in her past.

Let Darkness Come by Angela Hunt is basically a lawyer/trial book, think John Grisham or Robert Whitlow. More in depth it is a story of a wife accused, a lawyer thrown to the lions and a family who thinks they can control everything.

Jeffery Tommassi is found dead by his wife Erin. He was on the fast track to being the next senator in the nation's capital for the great state of Illinois. In fact his goal and his father's dream is for him to win the Presidency. But Jeffery had a deep dark secret and it may have cost him his life.

Erin Tommassi stands accused of killing her husband. She insists she didn't do it. Kate, her lawyer, doesn't believe her. Evidence doesn't lie and there are, of course, according the prisoners, no guilty parties in prison. So what is a lawyer to do.

This was a very interesting read. I stumbled on the book by accident while do some research on a different book. I am really glad I did. I have always liked Angela's books and this one was no different. I know some people haven't liked all her books, but if you liked her book, The Elevator, you will probably like this one.

It is set in Chicago and with all the ... well... umm, interesting happenings in their politics this year, it makes that part of the story ring very true.

Again it is not a "Christian" fiction. There is no foul language or sex. It just doesn't have a Christian message. It does have moral questions in it and ones that I think more than one of us has wrestled with.

Happy Reading

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David A. Bedford said...

My new release is not advertised as a Christian novel because it does not intend to preach or proselytise. I wrote it for the widest readership possible and to last over the long haul. It is fitting that the title is Angela 1: Starting Over (after the title character, 10th grader Angela Fournier). It is set in coastal Texas and it comes out of a background of Christian values but it is just a good story. To learn more, just click on my name and follow the link to my website. Thanks!