Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Randy Singer

Dear Readers,

Last Year Randy Singer started a very different book, one that the readers were going to decide the ending for him. He had a video where you got to listen to both sides of the case. You got to render your verdict and he would use the winning verdict in his book.

The result of this unique idea is The Justice Game. A story that is close to his heart. His wife taught and his children attended Atlantic Shores Christian School. They were all in attendance on the day that Nicholas Elliot walked in the building and opened fire, killing one teacher before moving on to a Bible class. His gun jammed and he was stopped, but who knows how much horror he would have unleashed if his gun hadn't failed. Nicholas' gun was purchased at a local gun store through something called a straw purchase, which thanks to this book, I know more about than ever before.

Rachel Crawford is ready to do her newest news story, Human trafficking. She can't wait to break the story. It is the biggest of her career. As the news starts Larry Jamison, the man behind the news story, storms the studio with the intent of clearing his name. He kills Rachel live on air before he is killed by the S.W.A.T. team.

Two months later Rachel's husband decides to sue MD firearms, the gun manufacturer. He is claiming that they knew all along that the gun store, Peninsula Arms, was selling guns through illegal straw purchases. (I am not going to go into detail on this, but you can read the book to find out.:-) They must be held responsible for their actions and should be taught a lesson.

This was an interesting read and I knew that this book might not "agree" with me. It makes a great argument for both sides of the issue. Neither side sounds like total radicals and yet both sides have those. I won't tell you what the verdict of the book is, but I did vote for the defendant. I believe these companies must be fined and the stores closed or at least stopped, but I also believe that suing the manufacturer of anything because a human decides to use their item illegally is just plain silly. We as a country have made a practice of always blaming someone when things happen. Not everything is someone's fault, people make horrible and terrible choices everyday.

I can easily say that if you like Randy's other books you will like this one. I also think that fans of Robert Whitlow will enjoy these as you wait for his next one to come out. I found it an easy read and I also found it fun to argue with the lawyers and all the stuff that was going on in the book. It was a good, interesting, and fun read.

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