Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Cheryl Moss Taylor

Dear Readers,

And You Invited Me In by Cheryl Moss Tyler is a simple story of when AIDS came to Mid-West America. It is set in the late 80's when it was still all new to most of us.

Alex leaves Hallton, Wisconsin suddenly. No one really understood why. He takes up the gay lifestyle and lived a very promiscuous life until he meets Scott and settles in Alanta.

Annie, Alex's sister, refuses to have anything to do with Alex until he gives up his life choice and repents and comes back to Jesus. That is until the day Scott calls and tells her that Alex is dying. Can she come help?

If you are looking for the next great American novel, this is not it. If you are looking for something that just may cause you to think a bit about the issue covered here, then you might want to take the time to read this little book.

It is simply written and even in some parts... well, for a lack of a better word... hokey. Too many of the things that happen are way too quick and "pat." They want someone to do something and they do it after hearing from God. Those disagreeing are painted as only very hostile and bigoted. Those that do change their mind do so too "freely." I don't know how else to explain it, it to me just seemed too perfect. Too sugary. So as a fiction book, it just doesn't make it.

That said the reason I am writing this review is not to trash the book, but to recommend it. It is one that made me think a bit. I don't agree with the gay - lifestyle in any way, shape or form. I don't believe that AIDS is a curse from God. I do believe that gays are God's children who are very willfully continuing in sin. To me they choose that sin/lifestyle the same as a church member who loves God, serves the church and yet watches porn. I wouldn't elect him or her as a leader in my church or have him be a pastor either.

I did need to think about how I would treat or have treated the homosexual community. Yes, even in my little hometown we have gays. Are my actions right? What about hate the sin and love the sinner? Where is the line where you are condoning a sin by seeming to tolerate it? I don't want to say I support them, but I must, as commanded by God, love them. All hhhmmm questions and ones that I will struggle with until the day I die. Judgment & condemnation of people is just as sinful. So who, if their sin is confessed, will be in hell or heaven. Hhhhmmm....

I am going to admit I was not even sure if I was going to review this book and now look it is turning into one of my longer ones. This is not a topic that will go away anytime soon. The gay community is vocal and pressuring society to accept them more and more. The church in general needs to work on the loving, not condemning part. Difficult but very doable.

See now you know what I have been wrestling with the last few days and who says fiction doesn't make you think. (lol)

Happy Reading

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