Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Chris Fabry

Dear Readers,

June Bug by Chris Fabry is the second of his Dogwood West Virginia books. The best thing is this is not a series. Some of the background characters will show up in them all, but that is it. I have no problem saying you could easily read them in any order.

I have started this review twice now and am still wondering what to say. I really liked this book, but felt like I had read it before. It is a very strange feeling, mostly because I knew I hadn't read this book before. :-) Oh well, it still is good.

June Bug sees her face on the wall at Walmart under the missing kids pictures. So starts a strange ending to a long journey for her and her dad. She doesn't remember anything except driving around the country with her dad and being taught in "RV" school. She is a great reader and knows things about America that not many people know. She has been from coast to coast and all the points in between. She loves her daddy and her life, even though she wouldn't mind a house and maybe grandparents and knowing her mother. All things that her dad can't give her.

This was a very enjoyable book. I fell in love with June Bug right away. She is a very precocious 9 year old who isn't afraid to ask questions but is terrified of crossing bridges. She will quickly win your heart also. As I read and knew the ending that had to happen, I just didn't want her to get hurt. It was an ending that fits the story, I just wish it had ended a little different. :-)

Happy Reading

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