Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Stephen Lawhead

Dear Readers,

I won't spend much time on this review. I just wanted to mention that I did finish Tuck by Stephen Lawhead. It is number 3 in the King Raven Trilogy or the Robin Hood story. I have really liked this whole series and quite a few of Stephen's books. I also understand they are not for everyone. He takes a long time (usually a whole book) to develop his story line and characters, but to me it is worth the wait.

Each of the books have focused on one specific person in the "Merry Men." Well this one is on Tuck, the monk that joins the battle against the crown and the church because of the misuse of power he witnesses. I really enjoyed this character. He is written a bit more light-heartedly than the other two books. He is more of the comedy relief than a serious warrior. Don't get me wrong, he does his share of fighting, but is more worried about his next bit of food or ale offered than whether he killed anyone.

The battle comes to a fevered pitch in this battle. Bran and his band of woodland dwellers have split because some are sick of the struggle and the living in the forest. Abbot Hugo and Guy of Gysburne are down to just a few Frenic knights. Each side rushes to fill their ranks, hoping to be the side that will strike the last deadly blow.

I have found that most of the people who like Stephen are ones who have read the "Lord of the Rings" series. But again he is an acquired taste. For those with a church library these books have appealed to loads of teenage guys.

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