Thursday, April 23, 2009

Deborah Raney

Dear Readers,

First let me say, if you have never read a Deborah Raney book, do so. They are very good stories, touching on a great variety of topics. Yesterday's Embers is the third in the Clayburn series. Leaving November and Remember to Forget are the other two. I can easily say I have liked all three.

On Thanksgiving day Doug leaves his wife and daughter home so he can have dinner with his mother-in-law with his other 4 kids. That is the last time he sees them alive. How is he suppose to take care of 4 kids, a farm that is barely making it, and a second job to keep them all above water. Dishes never wash themselves, clothes do not ever put themselves in the wash machine and for some reason those kids think they need to eat everyday.

Mickey Valdez has ever only wanted a husband and beautiful children. It is what she still dreams of it while working at her job at her daycare. She figures God has given up on her and she will never have a family. Her heart goes out to the DeVore family as they all struggle with the loss of their family. When she seems to be drawn into family outings she finds herself falling in love with Doug, But he isn't ready for a new wife... or is he?

It is a story about loss and recovery. It is a story about how we need to wait sometimes on God's answer to our deepest desires. It is just a good story. It is just a gentle tale that is a quiet read for those days when you don't want to do anything, but enjoy time with a few friends.

The nice thing about this series is that you can read it in any order. They are stand-alones that happen in the same city at the same time. In fact the lost of Doug's wife is mentioned in another story. All good stuff which makes for interesting reading

Happy Reading

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