Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Robin Jones Gunn

Dear Readers,

Ok for those of you living in West Michigan and those of you with Dutch heritage no matter where you live will want to read this book. The Sisterchicks head off to the Netherlands. Yes I know that is one place I never thought of as a fun place to go. Sisterchicks in Wooden Shoes changed my mind. It makes the country sound like the place to go.

Summer and Noelle have been penpals since elementary school. They have never met, just become best friends by long distance. Sharing much through letters and emails. Watching each family grow, sharing heartaches and happiness. The one thing they both longed for was to meet.

Summer gets a test result back that is she is sure is going to change her life forever. Her breast exam comes back abnormal. She just knows that nothing will be the same again and decides on the spur of the moment to visit Noelle. She buys tickets, makes plans and tells her family that she is going on her own adventure.

Flying into Amsterdam, Summer wonders if she did the right thing. She is over whelmed by all the new things. But as soon as she meets Noelle she knows she did the right thing. They are like to long lost sisters, who just have to get know each other again. They are soon laughing and totally enjoying themselves.

Robin with her usual humor and joy writes a great story. It is full of fun, friendship and even silliness. Whether our dynamic duo are tip toeing through the tulips or having adventures in wooden shoes, Robin makes this sound like the trip of a life time. I don't know about you, but with every one of these books I have wanted to pack my bags, call my best friend and leave tomorrow. So see you at the airport...

Happy Reading


Robin Jones Gunn said...

Chris, What a fun review! Thank you. I love reading your blog.

As far as you being ready to pack your bags and take off on a Sisterchicks(R) adventure, well, you never know with God. He seems to delight in surprising His kids with unexpected gifts at unexpected times. Who knows what He has in mind for you!

You know, one of the reasons I got excited about writing the Sisterchicks novels in the very beginning was because I knew the stories would provide a virtual getaway for women who needed some encouragement and refreshment in the Lord. I love seeing that happen in amazing ways.

With much joy! Robin

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Chris Jager - Baker Book House-fiction buyer said...

Thank you Robin, I want to invite you to Tulip time in Holland, MI. We hold it every May and you can walk through the tulip, watch the dutch dancers and even buy a pair of authentic wooden shoes.
Thank you again