Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Craig Parshall

Dear Readers,

The Occupied by Craig Parshall is a fun little read that makes you wonder about the people you pass on the street.  And to be completely honest, not always in a good way.

Trevor Black has a gift.  One he didn't ask for but he is now using to his advantage, well if he can stay alive long enough to use it for good.  He can smell a demon who is hiding in a human and because of that gift they are on the hunt for him.  They involve him in a series of murders that lead back to his home town.

In some aspects this book was a bit creepy, but there was nothing about it that made me lose any sleep.  But overall I really did enjoy this book.  It wasn't one I couldn't lay down, but it did make me want to return to it every time.  I wanted to know what was happening to Trevor and the murder mystery was a fun read and who the actual bad guy was.  Craig did a good job hiding the answer to that puzzle.  I had several guesses before I settled on who it was and why.

I think this is one of those books that older teens could easily read and it would be a great way to open discuss on things of the occult and how easily it is to fall down that path.

I am interested in what Craig next book in the Trevor Black series will be about.

Happy Reading,

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