Thursday, October 6, 2016

Robert Whitlow

Dear Readers,

Robert Whitlow has done it again.  He has written a book that keeps your attention and is yet almost completely different than anything else he has written.  Okay true The Witnesses still a lawyer book and yes it is set in the South and does involve family, but other than that...

Parker is just starting his law career.  He is working for a small partnership in New Bern, North Carolina.   Things are moving along at a good pace.  He likes what he does even if sometimes the partners seem to want more from him than he can give.  Then one day a "hunch" about a jury member proves to be a great move.  He isn't sure what or why he knew that about her, but his boss doesn't care.

Parker's Opa Frank House also has that gift of foresight, but he has refuse to use it since he used it in WWII and many people lost their lives because of him.  Frank is now living a quiet life of a retired fisherman, enjoy his time with friends and family.  That is until men from his old unit track him down and plan on using him to find treasures lost since the war.

Robert weaves a wonderful story of forgiveness of self and the use of a gift from God.  Because the mystery of it all is so interesting, the whole story is fun to follow and of course Frank is such an engaging character I found myself wishing I knew him in real life.

Robert is known for his stand alone books, ones you wish had a sequel, but are very glad they don't as you really like to finish the story yourself.

Happy Reading,

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