Thursday, October 13, 2016

Laura McNeill

Dear Reader's,

Laura McNeil's novels are filling a place in the Christian fiction market that not many authors can or will try to.  She writes very real issue driven books.  Sometimes that means she crosses the line with language, but for me it makes the book all the better for it as it is close to what the real world is like.

In Sister Dear, Laura takes us on a journey with Allie.  She has just returned home after serving a 10 year prison sentence for a murder she didn't commit.  Only two people know she is innocent, herself and the real murderer, the rest of the town believes she was and is guilty.  But she is determined to prove her innocence not only for herself, but for the daughter she had to leave behind.

Not only is this book about Allie's return to society it is about her family and how they deal with it, the community as a whole and how the church seems awfully quiet in the amount they have given and are giving the family.  It really did add a very interesting dynamic to the story that didn't always leave me comfortable with my reaction to what was happening.

I have recommended Laura's books strongly since reading Center of Gravity, and will continue to do so because she is turning out books that make you think about and maybe notice things you may not have before.

Happy reading

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