Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Must reads of 2014

Dear Readers,
What a year 2014 has been.  We started off the year here in West Michigan with the winter that never seemed to end.  We have seen our share of disasters this year with two missing air planes and the rise of a new terrorist group with ISIS.  We watched nervously as Ebola made its march to our shores, but were quickly calmed when it ended just as quickly.  
We watched in awe as scientist hit a tiny little rock spinning through space with their robot and received messages back.  We mourned the loss of many great people.  It was a year to remember. 
It was also a great year in the fiction market.  I can’t think of one real run away book, but many who at one point or another topped my have to read list.  I wish I could say I have read them all, but there just isn’t enough time in the day or year to get them all read.  Below is some of that list of books of note that you may or may not have read but should have if you didn’t.
Happy Reading,

(In no particular order)
1. Lizzy and Jane – Katherine Reay – Two estranged sister walk through one sister’s battle with breast cancer.

2. Playing Saint – Zachary Bartels – Edge of your seat mystery.  A fresh new author I am looking forward to seeing what else he will do.

3. Somewhere Safe with Someone Good – Jan Karon – Welcome back to Mitford

4. The Butterfly and the Violin – Kristy Cambron – What was it like to have to play in the orchestra at Auschwitz as millions marched to their deaths.

5. A.D. 30 – Ted Dekker – This story will remind you how good a story teller Ted is.

6. A Table by the Window – Hillary Manton Lodge – How annoying a big family can be and why we love them.

7. How Sweet the Sound – Amy Sorrels – The re-telling of the story of Tamar through the eyes of a 12 year old.

8. Checkmate – Steven James – The ending to a wonderful series.  Thriller to the end.

9. To See the Moon Again – Jamie Langston Turner – Welcome back Jamie you were missed

10. The Story Keeper – Lisa Wingate – What happens when the family you swore to never see again lives in the area you have to visit for your job. 

11. A Cry from the Dust – Carrie Stuart Parks – A new fresh face to add to the mystery genre

12. Bridge to Haven – Francine Rivers – With a new book every 4 to 5 years, each is to be savored

13. For Such a Time – Kate Breslin – a new author that the reading world has high hopes for after her debut novel was so fantastic.

14. The Secret of Pembrook Park – Julie Klassen – Julie continues to turn out wonderful Regency Romances.   

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