Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Gift Ideas for Men - part 1

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Sometimes it is hard to find the perfect book for that guy on your list.  Here are a few ideas broken down by genre.  Part two will be tomorrow's post. 

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What Follows After – Dan Walsh – Colt and his little brother are sick of their parents arguing all the time. So they come up with a plan to get them to stop, but that plan goes terrible wrong.
Keepers of the Covenant – Lyn Austin - #2 in the Restoration Chronicles.  What was it like moving Israel back from Babylon?

Auschwitz Escape – Joel Rosenberg - Jacob Weisz joins the resistance to fight for his beloved country.  Through a terrible mistake he ends up at Auschwitz were all he can think of is escaping.  Will he be able to escape and tell the world what is happening?

Thief of Glory – Sigmund Brower - Jeremiah Prins has to do a lot of growing up quickly when the Japanese invade the Dutch East Indies where he and his family live.

Color of Justice –Ace Collins – Civil rights back in the 60’s, a trial that still is causing ripples today.  Coop Lindsey takes on a case in the 60’s and 50 years later his grandson returns to find out what happened.
A.D. 30 – Ted Dekker – A Bedouin princess goes to find Herod to ask him to honor the treaty his father and her father had made year before.  Set during the time of Jesus.
Sentinels of Andersonville – Tracy Groot – The story of the most notorious prison camp of the Civil War and the town’s people that lived near it.
Feast of Thieves – Marcus Brotherton – When Rowdy Slater returns from WWII he finds himself on the wrong side of the law.  When he is giving a choice serve time or serve the Lord.
Life Intercepted – Charles Martin – Is there life after football?  Is there life without football?  Part of the agreement for Matthew’s release from prison is he has nothing to do with football, but what if the only way to win his wife back is to mentor a young man in football.
First phone call from Heaven – Mitch Albom – Soft cover release of his best seller.  Why are families now getting phone calls from deceased family members?
In the Heart of the Dark Wood – Billy Coffey - #3 in the Mattingly VA books – Allie lost her mother in the tornado that stuck Mattingly 2 years ago.  Now the compass her mother left behind has started working about and Allie and her friend Zach set out to find where it lead
Prime of Life – P.D. Benton – Ben was a cardiothoracic surgeon and he gave it all up to be a janitor at the a retirement home.  But his past is about to catch up with him.

The Wish – Jake Smith -James McConnell’s one wish is for his son to be healthy.  His son’s one wish is to see his dad play in a major league game.

Sign Painter – Davis Bunn – Amy first loses her husband to illness and then her and her daughter become homeless.  A job lead maybe just what they needed, but can she trust enough to take the job.



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