Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Robin Lee Hatcher

Dear Readers,

Robin Hatcher is best known for her historical fiction. She writes great contemporary fiction also, but she still is asked the most about her historical. In Vote of Confidence she goes home again.

Gwen decides to run for Mayor of Bethlehem Spring. She has complained enough about the old mayor in town meeting and the newspaper long enough, so friends challenge her to run herself when he comes up for re-election. Gwen is at first reluctant and then decides that it isn't a bad idea. She has always been very independent, so with her families support she throws her hat into the ring.

Morgan has been trying to get a spa built that he is building in memory of his mother. The Mayor and other various board members have been hindering it and Morgan has decided that the only way to get anything done in this town is to be mayor. They both want the job and think they are both very qualified to do a good job, so may the best man...er... person win.

I am sure that you can see where this is going. It is a delightful little story about politics in early 20th century. Robin does her research and that comes through, but the story itself is light and funny. I really did enjoy it myself and feel like it would be a nice summer read. It does go to show you that there isn't anything new in politics today.

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