Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Brandilyn Collins

Dear Readers,

In typical Brandilyn Collins fashion, Exposure might not be a book you read while home alone in the dark. Every bump and creak will be a stalker coming to get you.

Kaycee Raye has spent her whole life looking over her shoulder, it is a learned behavior from her mother. Her mother taught her to be careful, watch over your shoulder and keep moving, no one can catch you that way. All Kaycee wants is to live a quiet life in the same house in the same town for more than 2 years.

She gets her wish in Wilmore Kentucky. That is until a camera with a dead guy's picture comes and goes from her kitchen table. The police dept. tries to be understanding, but they know she is a bit paranoid. Then when Kaycee's friend Hannah goes missing, the Police start thinking there might be something behind her claims of being stalked.

I love Brandilyn's books. This one is not as creepy as some of her others, but it is a good stalker book. It gave me a good shiver and it was interesting to figure the mystery out. I did figure it out before the end. Brandilyn is good at planting really good clues.

This is a great book for reading by the pool in broad daylight.

Happy Reading

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