Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Captain Jeff Struecker and Alton Gansky

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Certain Jeopardy by Captain Jeff Struecker and Alton Gansky. I am not sure how they did that, but because of Jeff's past in the Special forces, it is very believable. There are a couple of points where you will wonder if it is real, but over all the storyline is interesting and fun to read. It will make you feel very patriotic after you get done with it. It also gives you a whole new respect for what military families in general, but especially Special Ops families go through.

The six guys from the Special Ops team spending time with family and friends, they all receive the one phone call that they are their families dread. "You have 30 minutes to get to base." Off they go, leaving without even having a chance to say goodbye sometimes.

Eric Moyer is at the doctor's office getting test done for a problem he has told no one about, not even his wife, as it could cost him his career. Jose' is playing in the front yard with his wife and kids, Martin is talking to his ex-wife, J.J. is biking with his brother and Pete is talking to his fiancee'. All normal everyday things, until the phone rings. Upon arriving at base they all learn that they are off to Venezuela. Deep undercover, trying to figure out why there is a compound hiding in the middle of town.

Left at home, wives and mothers, sons and daughters, all worry and try to deal with their guys being in a situation they are not allowed to know anything about. What do you do if you are one of the guys on the mission and you find out that your wife's life is in danger? Do you stay with the mission, because that is important to the safety of your country or do you go home and leave the team down one member? What a dilemma. My heart tells me that I would go right home, but do we go home when we have a small cold? What if the country needed you? Hmmm

This was an interesting look at both sides of that story. These guys love their families and yet volunteer to help their country in any way possible, even if it is death. I did like the story even if I wasn't sure I would at the beginning. I thought maybe it was going to be too much of the oorah thing. But it isn't really, it is just a look at the life of a Special Ops team.

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