Tuesday, March 31, 2009

W.L. Dyson

Dear Readers,
I read W.L. Dyson for the first time a few years ago. She was writing under Wanda L. Dyson then and did a short three book series for Barbour. Abduction, Intimidation, and Obsession were a good mystery series. At the time I kept thinking somebody better pick her up in a larger publishing house as I think she is going places. Well Waterbrook finally did and Shepherd's Fall is book one of her new series.

Nick Shepherd was told to take care of his siblings and his mother by his dad just before he died. That is what he is trying to do. He employs his brother Steven at the family business, Prodigal Fugitive Recovery. He tries to visit his mother as often a possible even though she doesn't know him and he is trying to find his sister, Marti, to help with the business. He is trying to "help" raise a teenage daughter with his ex-wife.

The Prodigal Fugitive Recovery is struggling. As more and more Bail Bondsman are able to pay their own people to pick up the Bond-runners (as they are called), Nick is having a harder and harder time getting new jobs. It doesn't help that one of the crime families in town is now threatening not only Nick, but his daughter as well. It is just a stress that Nick doesn't need, ever.

I really had a hard time liking Nick. His is kind of a jerk, very "A" personality. Very much a control freak. If something isn't done his way... I think we all know people like him. (if you don't then is probably you;-) In his line of work this is a good thing, but when trying to "run" a family it is not a good thing. His sister, ex-wife, and daughter do not conform to his way of thinking and it makes things tougher. When the crime family starts moving in on his family he decides that he can take care of it himself.

I am sure I have given enough of a hint as to what this book is about. It is about crime and the underbelly of many of our big cities. It is also a story about a family that is struggling to understand each other and to be heard by the other members of their family. I really did enjoy it as W.L. once again writes a believable story that kept me "busy" the whole book. Book number 2 will be out later this year called Shepherd's Run. Which I am looking forward to.

Happy Reading

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