Friday, January 30, 2009

Ted Dekker

Dear Readers,

I had been hearing rumors about this book for several months now. So you can imagine my excitement yesterday when I found out that yes there is a new Ted Dekker book coming, soon! Boneman's Daughter.

April 14th is the release date on this one. He is with a different publisher and I am excited to see what they let him do. As most of you know Ted loves to push the enevelope just a bit, so who knows. I have my copy at home and am trying to be good and not read it before a manuscript I have and need to get read soon. :-)

I know from reading the reviews and excerpts from it, it just plain and simply sounds creepy and a "don't go to sleep until you done" type book. The rep even compared it to the Steven James books that we have. (Yeah)

I have it linked to Ted's website so you can look up the info for yourself. I will get a review on here as soon as I get one done.

Happy Reading

P.S. You are welcome to pre order the book by just emailing or calling me at the store.

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