Monday, January 19, 2009

Colleen Coble

Dear Readers,
Colleen Coble's newest book, Cry in the Night, is out a month early. Yeah! She takes us back to Rock Harbor MI in the middle of the winter, of course when else would you go to the U.P? :-) I will suggest that if you are sick of snow and cold, this might be one you leave until summer.

Mysterious cries in the night, dreams of a father long dead, and ghostly figures taking babies. What more could you ask for in a mystery. Bree is once again caught up in a mystery that will test all her skills. Babies are going missing from the reservation and no one seems to know who or what is stealing them. The locals are saying a windigo. The only clue seems to be the loud crying in the night. Bree knows it can't be a creature for the superstitious.

When people start report seeing a guy that looks like Bree's late husband, she begins to wonder if she really understands anything. As the clues start piling up the answers tell her that all she knows is about to be turned upside down. Is it really Rob or just someone who looks a lot like him? What will his mother's reaction be if it is really him? What will Bree do?

Once again Colleen writes about a city that you swear you have visited, even though it doesn't exist. Even her description of the weather makes you cold. I was able to read this past year, when it was still warm out. Then the feet of snow she talks about are not so bad. The thought of that much snow now just makes me tired. :-) (yes I am sick of winter driving) But certainly this is a good read for that day you don't want to go outside and just curl up with a good book, a warm blanket and a cup of hot chocolate.

Happy Reading,

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