Wednesday, November 26, 2014

New Release - The Color of Sorrow isn't Blue - Sharon K. Souza

Dear Readers,

With self-publishing become a bigger and bigger thing in the publishing world, some of what I do during the day is find some of these books and try to figure out if it is worth carrying them or not.  The Color of Sorrow isn't Blue by Sharon K. Souza is one of those types of books.  I had a friend of mine recommend the book to me and mention that I may want to check it out.  Not two days later another friend actually contacted me and recommend this book to me also.  So that got my attention and I was able to track it down and bring it in. 

Bristol Taylor is planning to remember the day her child was kidnapped by ending all her pain.  She tells her husband she is going to her step-mom's beach house, by herself, to get away from it all as she phrases it.  But her loving sister, step mom and best friend team up and make sure that isn't going to happen.  Instead they insist on going along and make sure that Bristol won't be alone the whole time.

I have no idea what it is like to lose a child, let alone one that is kidnapped.  Not knowing where that child is and whether they are safe or hurt.  Who is taking care of them.  Everything that a mother is supposed to do.  But Sharon approaches that topic and offers a glance into the life after the child is gone. 

Not a light read, but one that is important for us to understand what may or may not be happening in the lives of those families.

Happy Reading,

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

New Release - Love Unexpected - Jody Hedlund

Dear Readers,

There is something about lighthouses.  People love to visit them and tour inside if possible.  They love to take pictures of them and hang them on their walls at home.  I am sure that almost all of us can name a favorite lighthouse. (Mine is actually in South Carolina)  So when an author does a series about lighthouses I pay attention and usually end up ordering a few extras.

Jody Hedlund's newest series is called Beacons of Hope and each one is going to feature one of the lighthouses from around the great lakes.  Love Unexpected is the first of the series and features the lighthouse on Presque Isle in 1859. 

Emma Chambers is looking to just support herself.  She is left destitute when her steamboat sinks just off Presque Isle.  A solution seems to be to help the lighthouse keeper who after loosing his wife,  needs someone to take care of his young child.  It all seems to be working out great.  That is until Emma hears rumors on how his wife died.  Is she in danger?

It sounds so romantic to live and work in a lighthouse.  But in all reality, it is a lot of work and responsibility.  It is fun to find a book that puts that work into perspective a bit.  Of course it is also fun to find a book written about Michigan.  Maybe she is writing a book about the Holland or Grand Haven lighthouse...

Happy Reading,

Monday, November 24, 2014

New Releases - November 17 - 22

Dear Readers,

Happy pre-Thanksgiving.  I pray you have a blessed holiday this week and will even get a chance to put your feet up and enjoy a good book.

Happy Reading,

The Color of Sorrow isn't Blue - Sharon Souza - The one year anniversary of the her missing daughter drives Bristol to her stepmother's beach house.  She can't stand it anymore and plans on being alone.  But 3 women invite themselves along to stay with her and to do more for her than she expected.

Persuasion, Captain Wentworth, and Cracklin' Cornbread - Mary Jane Hathaway - #3 Jane Austen takes the South - Lucy Crawford is hoping to not have to sell her family home.  One way seems to allow the free clinic to use some of the space, but along with the clinic comes Lucy's first love. 

Sunday Morning Song - Tia McCollors - #2 Days of Grace - Quinn finally, after 10 years of abuse, escaped and started a new life for herself and her son.  Levi knows he wants to help her and finds himself in love with Quinn, but how do you get past the protective wall she has built?

Love Unexpected - Jody Hedlund - Beacons of Hope #1 - This series is going to include lighthouses around Michigan.  Presque Isle MI 1859 - Emma is destitute and needs a place to stay, the lighthouse keeper job seems a perfect answer.  There is just one problem, women are not suppose to be the lighthouse keepers.

For Love or Liberty - Jennifer Hudson Taylor - The MacGregor Legacy #3 - Charlotte is asked to take care of her niece and nephew after her sister dies.  She embarks on a journey to bring them to their father, but the way is dangerous because of the war with England.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Bible and Used Book Sale

Dear Readers,

For those of you in the Grand Rapids area, tomorrow is our annual Bible sale.  All our Bibles are 50% off regular retail prices.  It is a great way to pick up the Bible that is on a certain someone's list for Christmas. 

This year not only are the Bibles on Sale but also any and all Used books that are marked $12.00 or less are also 1/2 off.  Which means everyone of the used fiction is 50% off.  Woo Hoo!!  I love being able to restock my shelves with old favorites.  Ones that I didn't get a chance to buy earlier or had, loaned out and then never got back. 

I will be in the store for a couple hours in the morning if you want to come visit, otherwise, come when you can and enjoy the sales.

Happy Reading,

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Lisa Wingate

Dear Readers,

I have read several of Lisa Wingate’s books.  Each of them has been loads of fun to read, but none of them have stuck with me like The Story Keeper has. The Story Keeper is about Jen Gibbs, who fled her abusive, conservative, almost cult-like church and family.  She has made a place in the publishing world.  In fact she is on top of her game.  She has just started a new job at Vida house and stumbles on a manuscript that is set in the part of the Blue Ridge Mountains that Jen grew up in.  She is eager to pursue the author and see if they can get the rest of the manuscript and publish the book. 

There are several threads and storylines that run throughout this book.  There is the story that is the manuscript which is about a young Melungeon girl and the young man who rescues her, there is the story of the author and why he is a recluse and then there is the story of Jen and her family. They all twine together and paint a wonderful picture for us all to enjoy. 

I read most of the book sitting in my rocker by the window on a wonderful Sunday afternoon.  It is that type of book, one you will just want to sit and enjoy.  It won’t make you turn pages quickly and it won’t hold a lot of suspense to it, but it is one that you will find yourself returning to as quickly as possible.  I found myself wishing the story of Sarra and Rand continued so I could find out what happened to them.  Yet, the story of Jen and her family's dynamics is also interesting, so when I was reading that part I wanted that part to continue. 

This is one of those books that I didn’t want to end and yet I needed to know what was going to happen.  Yes there is a spark of romance, but that is so much not part of the story and Lisa really leaves it alone.  It is almost like she was letting it develop on its own and when it didn’t she didn’t feel like she had to.  Maybe that is why this book is so enjoyable to read, she just let the characters dictate the pace.  Whatever it was, this should be on your must read book list.

Happy Reading,

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

New Release - The Secret of Pembrooke Park - Julie Klassen

Dear Readers,

I really only want to say one thing about Julie Klassen's newest book, The Secret of Pembrooke Place.  Read it.  If you have not read any of Julie's books, start now.  They are regency romance at its finest and throw in a little mystery and you have the perfect read. 

Abigail Foster is beginning to think she is going to end up a spinster.  Her only promising prospect seems to have fallen for her younger sister and that has left her with little dowry and no one on the horizon.  When her and her father end up facing financial ruin, they must move one. 

When they are offered the use of Pembrooke place, they jump at the chance.  After they arrive they find out that the house has a secret, one that many people would like to find.  It supposedly has a hidden room that holds a great treasure.  Strange noises and footprints prove that others have and are wandering the halls looking for this treasure, but can Abigail find it first and save her and her father?

I have loved every one of Julie's books.  They are wonderfully written books that make you think of times gone past.  They have a bit of a mystery, that always makes them so very interesting to read, but they also teach you something about living during that time.

I think the thing I like the most about Julie's books is they are such a gentle story.  They are just peaceful to read, which makes them ones that I will continue to read for as long as she continues to write them. 

Happy Reading,

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

New Release - Trails and Targets - Kelly Eileen Hake

Dear Readers,

A few short years ago a new genre came to the Christian fiction market.  Okay it wasn't really a new genre, but it took a favorite genre in a delightful new way.  Historical romance with a great sense of humor to them.  Several authors were on board immediately, Kelly Eileen Hake was one of those authors.  She is still writing in the genre and fans are still loving her books.

bakerbookstore.comTrails and Targets is book #1 in the Dangerous Darlyns series.  The Darlyn family is held together by Beatrix.  She will do just about anything to keep them all together, along with a whole lot of prayer and some unconventional interests, it seems to be working.  That is until it looks like her father's debts are going to wipe them all out.

So Beatrix puts her pride aside and decides to use her best talent to earn money, her ability with a gun.  Greyson Wilder is looking to leave his past behind.  He sells skeletons of slaughtered buffalos and he is just fine with that, until Beatrix makes him a proposal that he can't refuse.

With a good sense of humor, Kelly reminds us that life doesn't have to be so serious even when things look dark.  Humor and high jinx abound in her books and that makes them the perfect read for someone who needs a little pick me up.

Happy Reading,