Wednesday, October 22, 2014

New Release - A Lady at Willowgrove Hall - Sarah E. Ladd

Dear Readers,

Just a few short months ago the genre I got asked the most for was Amish.  Everyone wanted to know the new Amish releases, well that is changing a bit.  I am getting asked more and more about Regency Romance.  That genre is gaining ground and the authors are responding.

bakerbookstore.comA Lady at Willowgrove Hall by Sarah E. Ladd is on of a couple different titles I have gotten here at the store in that genre.  It is book #3 in the Whispers on the Moor series and has been very popular with the readers.

Cecily Faire knows she must keep her past a secret.  If anything would slip out her das as a lady's companion at Willowgrove would be over.  As she is adjusting to her new job, she comes face to face with someone who could ruin everything.

Nathaniel has secrets of his own he has to keep.  He must keep them to secure his father's position as the Hall's steward.  The two must either confront their past and come to terms with it or they will continue to run the rest of their lives.

Beautiful covers wrapped around a delightful story, books don't get much better than that.  Sarah takes us in to a past that is just so much fun to visit.  Not sure I would want to live during that time, but visiting is nice.

Happy Reading,

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

New Release - Beyond I Do - Jennifer Slattery

Dear Readers,

I love being able to find books that I would not normally carry.  I get ideas from authors, fellow readers and websites.  I track the books down and then bring them in when I can.  Beyond I Do by Jennifer Slattery is one of those books.  

Ainsley Meadows is just looking for a little stability in her life.  Raised by a mother who was always moving on the next job or boyfriend, she is ready for something a bit different.  Her fiance' seems to be the ticket.  He is predictable and safe and they will have a happy life together.

BeyondIDo_N144123That is until a battered woman and her child enter the picture.  Suddenly a long forgotten dream resurfaces and Ainsley is rethinking her plans.  She wonders if what she has plans is really God's plan for her or if she must follow in a different direction.

A gentle story to remind us that we need to listen to God when he nudges us in a different direction.  It doesn't mean we have to give up all our plans we just have to include him while planning.

Happy Reading,

Monday, October 20, 2014

New Releases Oct. 13-18

Dear Readers,

The past two weeks have been so busy I have had little or no time to read.  I always feel a bit out of sorts when that happens, thankfully I will have more time to catch up again this week.  Then on Saturday I will have a chance to share those books with the Librarians at the Evangelical Church Librarians Association meeting in Chicago.  It is a great group of librarians that get together and visit and exchange ideas and learn lots from each other.  If you are a church librarian and are interested in attending, let me know and I will get you in contact with the person in charge.

Happy Reading,

Surprised by Love - Julie Lessman- #3 The Heart of San Francisco - Wallflower Megan McClare headed to Paris to study, but no one was ready for what she would be like when she returned.  With new beauty and pose, she is ready to take on the world, including her old nemesis, Devin.

Promise to Cherish - Elizabeth Byler Younts -  #2 The Promise of Sunrise Series - Christine Freeman is a nurse working at the local hospital. Everything is going great including her new friendship with Eli, that is until her abusive boyfriend returns from the war and turns everything upside down.

Playing Saint - Zachary Bartels - Parker Saint is very comfortable in his pastoral job.  Lead Pastor is a mega-church, a book deal on the horizon and fans galore.  But a scandal threatens it all.  He is offered a deal by the police department, one he can't refuse and suddenly he is trying to help find a serial murderer.

The Daughter of Highland Hall - Carrie Turansky - #2 Edwardian Brides - Katherine is ready to make her debut.  She needs to make a strong one in order to land a proper husband.  Scandal puts an end to her season and she finds herself needing to support herself.

When Mercy Rains - Kim Vogel Sawyer - #1 The Zimmerman Restoration Trilogy - 20 years ago Suzanne was sent away from her Old Order Mennonite community.  After making a life for herself and her daughter, she feels she has moved on.  Now she has received a letter from her brother asking for her help caring for their ailing mother.

Friday, October 17, 2014

New Release - Heretic - Henry Vyner-Brooks

Dear Readers,

I have found interest in the new fiction genre that seems to be making in onto book shelves lately.  There are more and more books on church history.  Now I remember church history from high school and it was not my favorite subject.  It was a bit dry and well boring.  I wonder if part of was that the class was right after lunch, but I do know that some of it was because it was just boring.

That said, I am enjoying the books about those time periods and learning lots.  Heretic by Henry Vyner-brooks is the latest of these books that have arrived in the store.  It is a daunting book with just over 600 pages, but the story line sounds very interesting.

Brother Pacificus is hiding out from his past and the real world.  When he arrives back into the world he discovers things much different that when he left.  He and his rag tag band of misfits are ready to fight to the new world order, but will any of them survive long enough to make a difference?

Set in 1536 the Bible is becoming available to the 'common' man and the church is in flux.  The rich and powerful know that if they don't get rid of the rebels and soon, they will loose everything that they hold dear. 

It is not the proudest time for the ruling church, but it is part of their history and it is something we can learn from.  The Bible was written for all men, not just those in power.  Fiction books like Heretic as always a good reminder of this for all of us.

Happy Reading,

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Zachary Bartels

Dear Readers,

I am always on the lookout for more authors who write good mysteries.  I get very excited when I not only find a good mystery, but one set in Grand Rapids.  Ok, so that second thing is rare, but it is exciting to find a good mystery.  Zachary Bartels lives in Lansing, MI and is very familiar with the Grand Rapids area.  So for him to set his book here was not a big stretch, but it sure made it fun to read Playing Saint.  

Parker Saint is getting just what he thinks he deserves, as mega church leader, soon to release a blockbusting book, and soon to be celebrity.  He loves living the dream.  But suddenly his life takes a left turn and throws him right in the middle of a scandal that could take it all away from him.  At the police station one of the detectives offers him a deal he can’t refuse.  Be a consultant on a case that is plaguing the police department or they will break the scandal to the news. 

Soon Parker finds himself trying to answer religious questions that he has no idea how to answer. As he is drawn into a murder mystery unlike any the city has ever seen and hopes to never see again, Parker finds himself fearing for his life and wondering about his faith and the faith of his father.

Fast paced, adventuresome and somewhat chilling, Playing Saint was a very interesting first novel.  It was fun to follow Parker around town and to try to figure out the clues before the killer is revealed.  I won’t tell you where I figured it out, but Zachery does a good job of laying clues, but also deception on what is a clue and what you think should be a clue.  Sometimes our own prejudices  are used against us and make us jump to conclusions we should not.  I found myself falling into that trap a couple of times and having to remind myself, it usually isn’t that easy. 

I am looking forward to the next installment of Parker Saint – preacher, detective.  Ok I hope there is a next installment.  Tell me there is please….
Happy Reading,

P.S. Zachery Bartels will be in Baker on Oct. 30th at 7:00p.m. speaking about and signing his book.

P.P.S. For those of you not from Grand Rapids, we are not a hot bed for murder and mayhem.  Just wanted you to know.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Author Visit - Robert Roush

Dear Readers,

October is a very fun month here at the store.  We have author visit galore.  We want each one to be special for the author and work very hard to make sure they are all known about.   This week Thursday, Local author Robert Roush will be here signing his book In the Image of Man. 

In the Image of Man is a spiritual warfare book along the lines of Frank Peretti. When Officer Chris Davis rescues a woman from an attack by a very strange perp.  The man is almost unstoppable and doesn't seem to have emotion either.  Chris is puzzled by everything that is happen around town and it all leads back to a research facility just outside the city limits.  Will he be able to figure out what is really going on behind the doors before an evil is unleashed on the entire world?

Come on Thursday October 16th at 7:00p.m. and hear Robert talk about where he got the idea for his book, but also the research he did to make it come to life.

Happy Reading,

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

New Release - Magnolia Market - Judy Christie

Dear Readers,

I really fell in love with Judy Christie's books while reading Sweet Olive last year.  It was a wonderful southern genre book that had rich characters and a beautiful setting.  Set in the little town, just a bit off the beaten path the Trumpet and Vine novels are full of people you will want to get to know better.

In Magnolia Market we meet Avery Broussand who a year ago lost her husband.  She is start to think there is an end to the awful year.  She is set to take over her mother - in - law's dress boutique.  One she help get back on course.  One that Avery has been saving for the past year.  Things are looking up.

Then on a whim she is kicked out of the store and the deal is off.  Suddenly she is at war with her in-laws and she isn't sure she will survive.  T.J sees all of this happening and knows that Avery is the victim here, not the Broussands.  But T.J. has lived in Samford long enough to know the rules of the game, no one messes with the Broussand family and lives to talk about it. (so to speak)

I know that while reading Sweet Olive I wanted to pull up a rocking chair and a tall glass of sweet tea and enjoy the visit in a small town in Louisiana.  I can't wait to get reading again to visit some friends in this delightful series.

Happy Reading,