Friday, March 6, 2015


Dear Readers,

Here is something that has puzzled me for years.  The excitement of a new book.  Whether it is a book I have bought, received as a gift or gotten from a library, there is something very special about a new book. 

One of my co-workers had such a great reaction to a book I gave her and asked her to read.  She was so excited and I kind of laughed.  Then she said "I don't know why I am so excited, I have as several books at home already, but I am."  That is when I agreed with her and asked why that was.  What was it about a new book that made her excited. 

She was just a puzzled by that as I was.  In some strange ways I wonder if it is what an addict feels when he/she knows they will be getting their next hit of whatever it is they are craving.  Can you be addicted to books? 

Maybe there should be a meeting for us.  You know get together to discuss how long it has been since we got a new book.  What happens when we fall off the wagon, etc...  Oh wait, none of us would ever stop buying/reading new books.  We are the worse of the worse when it comes to addiction and you know what we are quite proud of it.

In fact we brag about the number of books we have read, we review them on our blogs, we meet in book clubs to talk about our books and we even proudly showoff our addiction in our personal libraries.  I guess we are hopeless.  Our families will just have to put up with us and try their best to survive while we merrily give into our next new story. 

I have to say I am very content with my habit and plan on carrying on for years to come.  Sorry (not really.)

Happy Reading,

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Jocelyn Green

Dear Readers, 

After having met Jocelyn Green this past fall, I was looking forward to reading her last installment of her Heroines Behind the lines; Civil WarSpy of Richmond once again proved that to be a strong woman doesn’t mean you have to have a man doing the work for you.  You  can love and do great things. 

Sophie is a Union loyalist living behind the enemy lines.  Her father owns slaves and her suitor is an officer in the confederate army.   So what is this a girl to do?  Become a spy for the Union army, she has the perfect cover, a family deeply embedded in the southern culture, who would suspect her?

With suspicion rising, Sophie knows that she isnow risking everything.  Not only is her espionage putting her in danger, it is also risking her father’s life and their lively hood.   Can she continue helping the North at the risk of her life?

I think that is what is the best thing about Jocelyn’s books.  Her characters have to wrestle with what is the right thing to do.  Sometimes the answers are completely gray not black and white.  Is it right to continue something if it is going to endanger someone else?  Even if what you are doing is the right thing to do?  Spying for the North was something Sophie considered as the morally correct thing to do, but she really struggles with right and wrong.  

A book that doesn’t leave you comfortable with what you have always thought was correct makes for an interesting read.  I know ending slavery was/is the correct thing to do, but at the risk of someone who is innocent of the wrong doing… Does the end justify the means?  Hmm that does make it a more difficult question. 

One other thought, I carried a series a few years ago that had as it main character as spy for the U.S.A in Russia.  One of the things they really wrestled with was as a Christian could they be a spy?  Spying is actually lying for a living, and that is considered a sin.  It sure does make for some lively conversations when talking about the book.

Happy Reading,

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

New Release - Then Sings my Soul - Amy Sorrells

Dear Readers,

Sophomore books can be tough.  When an authors first release is so good, the second one can be a bit of a let down.  Amy Sorrels really hit is out of the park with her first release - How Sweet the Sound and has now released the eagerly awaited Then Sings My Soul

Then+Sings+My+SoulThe story behind the idea for this book is interesting and worth the read once you have read the book.  I am not sure you want to read it before as it may give a bit of the story line away.  There are several things that Amy bases this story on, but some of it is her own family's story.

Nel has returned home after loosing her mother.  She realizes that her father Jakob is struggling with dementia and must make decisions for him.  With the delivery of unexpected packages from the Ukraine and a mysterious gemstone, all lead Nel to start investigating her family's story and where they may have come from. 

Told with flash back to what happened to Jakob and his family while they are fleeing the genocide in Eastern Europe, this story is a reminder that we all need to remember our families history.  It is important to catch those stories before they are lost forever.

Happy Reading,

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

New Release - How to Catch a Prince - Rachel Hauck

Dear Readers,

Fairy Tales are a standard in almost any house hold that has little girls.  Our little princesses long to meet their price Charming and live happily ever after.  How to Catch a Prince is book number 3 in the Royal Wedding series by Rachel Hauck and the fairy tales continue.

How+to+Catch+a+PrinceCorina an American Heiress has caught her prince, but when the tragedy strikes, they are separated and Corina moves on with her life as a journalist.  Prince Stephen is trying to make sense of his life.  The days he spent in Afghanistan have left him troubled and he can't seem to get out from the dark cloud hanging over him.

Stephen's brother the King finds a document long hidden and tells him it is time to make choices to move on.  Will Corina and Stephen find their way back to each other.

With a little 'star-cross lovers' added, this fairy tale will warm your heart and make you remember the days you believed fairy tales really could come true. 

Happy Reading,

Monday, March 2, 2015

New Releases - February 23 - 28

Dear Readers,

March already?  The months are moving along to quickly.  A few good titles to make those last cool days to go by quickly.

Happy Reading,

Hand Me Down Husband - Rosanna Huffman - Suzanne is not excited when Mitch Sanderson takes the principal/teacher job at her high school.  The past taught her that she is not to trust a Sanderson, but Mitch set out to prove that she is wrong about that.

On a Ring and a Prayer - Sandra D. Bricker - A Jessie Stanton novel - Jessie's perfect life comes to a end with quite a bump.  With her husband gone, taking all her money with him, she is left with just the ring on her finger and some designer clothes she doesn't need anymore.  Will she be able to find the answers and life she really needs?

Shadowed - Kariss Lynch - #2 Heart of a Warrior Series - Nick and Kaylan are adjusting to a relationship together.  Nick is out chasing an arms dealing which puts Kaylan in the line of fire.  Will they be able to learn to trust God with their lives and relationship?

Then Sings My Soul - Amy K. Sorrells - Nel returns home to bury her mother and finds her father in a battle with dementia.  When strange things get delivered to their home, she is drawn to her father's past and what it means to her and her future.

How to Catch a Prince - Rachel Hauck - The Royal Wedding series - Heiress Corina seemed destined to marry a prince, until war kept them apart.  As she emerges from the fog of grief she is ready to move on and pursue her career.  Prince Stephen is confronted by his brother the king about his past and now must come clean about what happened.

Friday, February 27, 2015


Dear Readers,

Sunshine and warmer temps, well ok it isn't below zero today.  But sunshine makes me want to just curl up in a chair and read.  Preferably with the sun shining on me the whole time.  Summer or winter I love to sit in the sun and read.  I am not sure what it is, whether it is because I am part plant and need the sun to survive or if it is just because it is warm.  What ever it is, it is my biggest guilty pleasure.

There are several titles that have come in this week that have made that even a bigger pleasure.  The smell and feel of a new book is the best.  Okay the smell of an older book might be better, but really e-books are going to need some sort of scent added to them to replace books completely.  I am amazed how many people when asked about hard copies of books and why they still read them, list the smell.  We are creatures that are physical beings and still are driven by touch, taste (don't eat your books) sight and smell.  Books do fill a lot of those needs.

I am wondering what you are reading now.  Is it going to be one of those that stays on your shelf forever?  I just read one that I will be putting on my shelf and not getting rid of for awhile.  In fact when I do loan it out it will be with the strict instruction of "don't loose it or wreck it and I need it back!"  Seriously, it should be crime to loose someone else's books. 

Okay so I go that all off my chest.  Thanks for listening. 

Happy Reading,

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Susan Meissner

Dear readers,

Just over one year ago this week, I read a Susan Meissner book on a flight to Florida.  So imagine my excitement that a new one was available to do that with again.  Secrets of a Charmed Life released a couple days before we left and it was hard not to open the covers and dive in, but I managed to wait with most of the book.  I will admit I read about 50 pages before we left but still read most of it on the flight.

SecretsofaCharmedLife_cover"Secrets" is the story of a survivor of the blitz of London during WWII.  Isabel has never shared her story with anyone, but has decided to tell it to a grad student that needs a thesis.  Kendra is eager to get started, but little does she know what she is about to get into.

Emmy and Julia's life is not perfect.  In fact their mother seems to have little time for them and it is up to Emmy to take care of her much younger sister.  Emmy has dreams of her own and is willing to do just about anything to make them happen.  On the cusp of adulthood at 15, she wants to get a job at the local bridal shop with or without the war interfering.

So starts the book that will leave you with a better understanding about what it was like to survive during that part of WWII.  Bombs falling every night, people disappearing, and homes destroyed, life would never be the same for anyone.  People were separated from family with no way of knowing where anyone was.  Children were shipped off to the countryside. These are things we think of in horror and with little understanding of how anyone survived it. 

I don't know if I am Susan's biggest fan, but she is one of my favorite authors.  She once again hits it out of the park with a story of a coming of age during WWII.  Not just any coming of age story, but one of a teenager who lost everything including her family.  

I am looking forward to my next flight to Florida so I can once again read the next Susan Meissner book.  

Happy Reading,