Tuesday, September 16, 2014

New Release - Thunder - Bonnie S. Calhoun

Dear Readers,

Thunder by Bonnie S. Calhoun attracted my attention just by the cover.  It is a darker cover which gives you the feeling of the book right away.  It is a dystopian novel with echoes of a society closer to our own than we sometimes care to admit. 

Selah is out hunting one evening and stumbles on something else, a Lander.  The much sought after people from an unknown land.  They are prized by the Company and Selah's brother is ready him after stealing him from Selah.  Now Selah has the marked and she is the hunted. 

Bonnie S. Calhoun is not known for this type of book, but she has written a couple good books with mystery to them.  I am excited to read this and see what it is all about.  It is scheduled for a 3 book series titled Stone Braide Chronicles, so we can look forward to 2 more books of adventure.

Happy Reading,

Monday, September 15, 2014

New Releases - Sept 8 - 13

Dear Readers,

I need about 5 weeks off from work so I can just sit and read and catch up on all the books in my to be read list.  I can't read the ones I want of authors I love because of all the new authors that sound so good.  *Sigh*  This new list isn't helping either. 

Happy Reading,

Jane Austen's First Love - Syrie James - Inspired by Actual Events - 15 year old Jane longs to do something useful, write something worthy and falling in love.  While visiting her brother it seems that at least one of the three are going to happen.

The Remaining - Travis Thrasher - A wedding turns to terror when many of the guest die for no apparent reason.  The survivors soon discover that it wasn't just the wedding, but reports are coming in from around the world.  Is this the end or just the beginning of something even more terrifying?

Into the Canyon -  Michael Neale - follow up to The River - Jacob Fielding owes a debt to Gabriel's father for saving his life.  He has spend the last years trying to show him that gratitude.  But another man just feels guilt about that death and gratitude and guilt are about to meet face to face.

Hidden in the Stars - Robin Carroll - Quilts of Love series - Since the attack that killed her mother, Sophia is unable to speak.  It has frustrated Detective Julian as he tries to find the killer.  As he tries to solve the crime he doesn't realize an important clue might be right in front of him.

All's Fair in Love and Cupcakes - Betsy St. Amant - Kat still lives at home working at her Aunt Maggie's bakery.  She longs for a chance to spread her wings.  When her friend signs her up for a reality TV show, Kat can hardly wait to show everyone what she is capable of. 

Thunder - Bonnie S. Calhoun - #1 Stone Braide Chronicles - Selah finds a Lander.  People from a mysterious land across the ocean.  When the Lander is stolen suddenly she becomes the hunted.

Friday, September 12, 2014

New Release - Making Marion - Beth Maron

Dear Readers,

I am always on the look out for new and fun books.  Something that might just be a little different from the normal.  Making Marion by Beth Moran seems to fit that bill very well.  Throw in the Sherwood forest (yes that one) add a young lady named Marion and you know that this is not your "normal" romance book. 

Jacket Image For Making MarionMarion is a shy and quiet person who finds it difficult to come out of her shell.  Headed to Sherwood Forest to uncover her father's past.  Something that has remained a mystery.  Upon arriving she finds herself helping at the unlikely named Peace and Pigs Campsite.  She lands a job and even though the chickens seem to have it in for her, she finds herself enjoying her work. Until she is throw into the arms of handsome Reuben during an unfortunate bike incident. 

See what could be more fun than a summer jaunt into the English country side looking for Robin Hood.  Ok maybe not Robin Hood, but at least what your father was all about.  Sounds like a great adventure.

Happy Reading,

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Jan Karon

Dear Readers,

Somewhere+Safe+with+Somebody+Good%3A+The+New+Mitford+NovelI just spent this past weekend in one of my favorite towns.  I went home to Mitford along with Father Tim and Cynthia in the next installment of the Mitford books,  Somewhere Safe with SomeoneGood by Jan Karon.  They have just returned home from their trip to Ireland and are ready to settle in for a good rest.  Father Tim is looking to enjoy his retirement and relax, read, and stop being the one who is in charge.  Of course you know that is not what is going to happen in Mitford, there are always a million things that need doing and when you are as deeply embedded in the life of a town as Father Tim is in Mitford, your work is never done. 

We soon find the good father once again “meddling” in other’s lives and helping every time he turns around.  There is even a time when he tries to say no and the person who is volunteering him just won’t listen. 

For those that have never read the Mitford books, do yourself a favor and start with At Home in Mitford.  It is the start of a wonderful adventure with a cast of unlikely characters that you will grow to love.  Each one has something special about them and you will find yourself wishing they were your neighbors.  It is one of those series that make you glad that small town USA still exists and they still take care of their own.

Happy Reading

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

New Release - The Legend of Sheba - Tosca Lee

Dear Readers,

The list of new releases these past two weeks is almost overwhelming.  I don't know which one to talk about first.  I can think of at least 6 titles that went right to the top on my reading list.  Of course the trick is which one to read first. 

The Legend of Sheba by Tosca Lee is right on the top.  I was hoping to snag an advanced readers copy, but alas I did not.  That just means I get to savor the thought of reading Tosca's newest longer.  Tosca's writing is gritty and she never seems to want to take on the easy topics that everyone is familiar with.  She takes on the Bible character we don't know much about or one that is hated by all of humanity.  Interesting.

The+Legend+of+Sheba%3A+Rise+of+a+QueenSheba's king is dead and in a bold move, his exiled daughter fights for the crown.  As she wages a different war with the rulers who supported her in a bid for power, she travels to Israel to match wits with the wisest man alive. 

There is very few actual facts known about the Queen of Sheba.  When I went and looked it up, even the location of her country is in question.  But she is one woman who is mention in many different sources including the Bible and the Qur'an.  It was fascinating to read what is know and to compare the differences in each of the stories. 

Tosca brings all that myth and legend to life in a engrossing novel and I can't wait to open the covers and meet the woman behind the legend.

Happy Reading,

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

New Release - A Life Intercepted - Charles Martin

Dear Readers,

I love love love Charles Martin's books.  They are one of the sappiest books you can read and yet there is something very powerful about them.  There are messages hidden in the pages for everyone.  He makes sure his characters are real, with faults all their own, but shared by so many of us.  In A Life Intercepted, Charles once again takes us on a journey that we may know little about, but he makes it one we can walk easily with the characters.

A Life InterceptedMatthew "the Rocket" Rising had everything he had always dreamed of.  He married his high school sweetheart, he was drafted number one into the NFL and life was good.  Then the night of the draft he is accused of a horrible crime he did not commit.  With evidence that is irrefutable, Matthew ends up in jail.

12 years later he is released with the condition that he will not have anything to do with football, on any level.  Matthew just wants to win his wife's love back and sets out to find her.  But the one thing that may win her back, may cost him everything all over again, including his freedom.

A story that can take you to the highest peaks and the lowest lows, Charles will take you on an emotional roller coaster that once you step off makes you wish the ride had been just a little bit longer. 

Happy Reading,

Monday, September 8, 2014

New Releases - Sept 1 - 6

Dear Readers,

The school buses are on the roads again, marking the changing of the seasons again.  Fall is upon us and that signals more inside reading than outside reading, but thankfully it doesn't mean a lack of good books. 

Happy Reading,

Somewhere Safe with Somebody Good - Jan Karon - A new Mitford Novel - It has been 5 years since Jan's last book.  She once again takes us back to our favorite town.  Father Tim and Cynthia have returned.  Father Tim is afraid he has lost his passion for preaching when he turns down a chance to take over a new pulpit. 

Angels Walking - Karen Kingsbury - Angels Walking #1 - (from the jacket) A Team of Angels Walking  takes on the mission to see hope restored in Tyler, Sami, and Virginia.  Call the small and seemingly insignificant actions of the unseen bring healing and redemption?

A Life Intercepted - Charles Martin - Matthew Rising had it all until falsely accused of a crime he didn't commit.  12 years later he is out of prison and ready to find his wife.  She has taken shelter at a Catholic school where she has discovered a young man with a talent for football. 

Playing by Heart - Anne Mateer - Lula is continuing her dream, teaching and her college education. A phone call from her sister changes everything and Lula returns home and to take on the job of music teacher and (of all things) basketball coach.

Making Marion - Beth Moran - Where's Robin Hood when you need him?  Marion heads to Sherwood Forest to find out her father's secret.  While trying to figure out the answers she has more adventures than she plans on.

The River - Beverly Lewis - Tilly and Ruth return to Lancaster County to celebrate their parents anniversary.  They long for forgiveness and acceptance.  Will they find it with the people they had left behind?

The Legend of Sheba - Tosca Lee - Bilqis is thrust into power when her father passes away.  Now she is in a battle of wits with Solomon over the survival of her kingdom.