Tuesday, July 9, 2013

New Release - Robert Whitlow

Dear Readers,
There is nothing better on a long summer evening than being able to open a new book that you know will be an interesting read.  Robert Whitlow is one of those authors that give you that type of book, one that will keep your interest until the very end.
He usually writes books about being a lawyer and a case or two that deals with that.  In The Living Room, not only is the law world involved, his main character is an author also, which adds a bit of a twist for him. 
Amy Clark had quit her job to become a fun time author, but that is not paying the bills right now and so when her former employer ask her to come back to help out while one of the secretaries is on maturity leave, Amy agrees to go back to work.  But there is more going on than she bargained for and is soon deeply involved in a very high stakes case. 
I love reading these books over a weekend or on vacation because I can just sink into the storyline and not worry about time or anything else that might demand my attention.  If you haven’t read a Robert Whitlow book before, this would be a great way to start, if you have had the pleasure, then you are going to enjoy the new one.
Happy Reading

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