Thursday, June 25, 2009

vacation reads

Dear Readers,
I am surprised how many of you ask what I am taking on vacation with me. I will be out of the store at Cornerstone Music Festival in IL next week. I don't get a ton of reading done as we take the senior high youth group there, but I do get some. This year so far I have 4 books planned on going along.
The Hope of Refuge by Cindy Woodsmall - releases in August. She will be here in our store on August 15 at 1-3. Come visit and pickup her newest book.
Faces in the Fire - T.L. Hines. Love his creepy books.
The Justice Game - Randy Singer - I am already caught up in the book just by reading the first couple of chapters and helping deside the ending.
Powers - John Olson. Sequel to Shade - Vampires, evil and the good guy has super natural powers. Yeah!

Not much light reading, but they are all books that the teens checkout when I get done. Of course this is subject to change and I may even bring more along depending on the weather forecast this weekend. :-)

Happy Reading

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