Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Katherine Reay

Dear Readers,

Every time I read a Katherine Reay book I feel as if I have gone on a vacation with a favorite family member.  I love meeting her characters and getting to know them and working through the issues that are part of their lives.  Katherine understands that a mini vacation alongside a strong story line is very important to the reader. The Portrait of Emily Price is Katherine's newest release.

I wasn't sure I was going to like Emily Price when I first started reading this book.  She was very worried about making sure everything in her life and in her sister's life was perfect.  She needed to take care of everyone and making sure nothing bad happened and if it did, Emily would fix it.  But trust me, you will begin to understand her more as the book goes on and it is worth the journey to understand her.

Emily is sent to Atlanta to restore a family home and their valuables after a home fire.  She is very very good at her job and has no time for distraction as there are important things to get done and then hurry back to Chicago to make sure her sister finds a job once again.

Chef Benito Vassallo, Ben, is trying very hard to be that distraction.  It seems like love at first site, which is unusual enough for Emily.  But when she accepts his marriage proposal and moves suddenly to Italy.  Where she meets a family very different from her own.

Emily is not perfect and acts like the control freak when she arrives in her new home and that is where she really started to endear herself to me.  I kept trying to get her to stop, but she refused to listen to me.  I don't know what her problem was, I was just trying to help.  Okay okay I understand what I did there.  But that is what is great about this book, you will find yourself doing the same thing.

Also you get to run off to Italy with a dreamy Italian guy and live in a perfectly described village.  For me it was like visiting all over again.  Of course that only made me want to go a visit again. Thank you Katherine for giving me this chance to visit one of my favorite places on earth along side with a new family member.

Happy Reading,

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