Wednesday, November 12, 2014

New Release - The Patmos Deception - Davis Bunn

Dear Readers,

The Patmos Deception by Davis Bunn is his newest book, but is not the last we will hear from him in the next couple of months.  He has been releasing books consistently for that last couple of years and his fans are responding by supporting him well.  They not only eagerly snap up each one, they make sure to tell a few of the closest friends to make sure those friends read the books also.

In The Patmos Deception Davis once again takes us on a wild ride, mixing modern stories with archeology and historical mysteries.  Nick Hennessy is sent to investigate the disappearance of Grecian antiquities.  He has the background to figure it out, he is just going to need a little help.

Carey Mathers is overjoyed to start her new job at the Athens Institute of Antiquities, but when she arrives the building is closed down.  The Economic chaos that is threating Greece is having rippling effects on more than just that country. 

As they follow the clues, they end up teaming up with Dimitri who knows the isles, but isn't sure how to save his families tourist business.  It seems what is happening in Greece is not just about the economy.  Will they find the answers before it reaches a breaking point?

Davis is a 4 time Christy award winner and his writing never disappoints.  He has written in many different genres, but is once again returning to the suspense genre that his fans delight in. 

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