Thursday, October 8, 2009

Jackina Stark

Dear Readers,

Sometimes a book is just simply a good story. Things Worth Remembering by Jackina Stark is one of those books. There are no earth shattering events and yet I didn't want to lay it down.

Kendy and her daughter Maisey are very close. They seem like best friends, sharing secrets and enjoying each other company. Kendy was unable to have Maisey as a student in her 4th grade class, but they still were able to ride together to school and visit off and on during school days. Rainy days were best because then Maisey and her friends could come and hang out in Kendy's classroom. In fact they had been so close, Kendy was looking forward to shopping with Maisey for her wedding dress when Maisey started planning for her wedding, something Kendy's own mother hadn't had time to do.

That is why the phone call from Maisey that she already found her dress and bought it hurt so much. Kendy isn't sure what happened and why Maisey doesn't want to talk about it.

This is somewhat the story of mothers and daughters and their relationships, but mostly it is the story of turning points in our lives and the choices we make. Do we always choose well or not? Do our choices let us sleep in peace at night?

My own relationship with my mom isn't perfect, but we are close and very seldom does a week go by that I haven't talked to her at least once. She is one that I think of almost right away if I have extra time in a week or need to go out for a cup of coffee and talk. That may be why I was so drawn to this book, I always hurt for those people who don't have a good relationship with their parents. We need them whether we like to admit it our not. It isn't easy to always get along and they are the ones who can hurt us most.

I still am not sure why this book so captured my interest, but it might be mostly just because Jackina is such a good story teller.

Happy Reading

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